Vision Development was founded in 2006 by Joseph Rappaport, a young and energetic entrepreneur who sought to build what he saw was a missing entity in the construction business. Namely, Joe sought to create a firm that developers and property owners alike could depend on, not just in quality construction, but in a unique streamlined approach where the project is “One.single.Vision”.

“Time is money” is a proven and verifiable mantra, especially true in the high end real estate market. What value is there to the landlord of most magnificent condominium complex in the neighborhood if the renters can’t move in? Vision sets to create a new construction standard for reliable deadlines without ever cutting corners on design or workmanship. We accomplish this by not only hiring the best craftsmen, designers and architects in the business, but by being involved in every part of the project from acquisitions, and pre-planning, to groundbreaking and tenancy. Since its inception, vision has expanded and elevated the market from multifamily and high-rise condominiums to commercial and retail properties.From Vision to Fruition: It’s not just our motto; it’s our business.