Acquisition and Development

“Information is Power”
Because we have always held a high standing within the development business network; this gives us the opportunity to always be “in the know” and on the lookout for lucrative deals. We are often privy to insider knowledge in the lightning speed turnover world of real estate acquisitions. Enter Vision Estate Holdings. Vision is constantly communicating with a team of top real estate marketing firms, whose strategic knowledge of current market values and trustworthy projected sales and rental projections help us paint a complete picture and ideal opportunity for the perfect deal

We are then able to do what we do best. Making the highest possible profit out of every marketable square foot of your investment to generating the highest yields on your cash on cash returns.

“Due diligence” is not just in our lingo, it’s our mantra. We map out all the required prerequisites before closing to make the sale and thereby the future investment, as lucrative as possible. From zoning and environmental analyses, to full development budgets and all necessary marketing materials, we will outline every aspect of the project beforehand leaving absolutely no margins for errors or guesswork.From acquisition, to the full ground up development process our team of in house professionals will handle all the pre-development/plans and approvals, construction Management, to completing our responsibilities from Groundbreaking, tenancy, to profitability! Vision Estate Holdings- “See What Develops!”