Joe RapaportFounder and CEO

As “The road to success is always under construction”, Mr. Joseph Rappaport is definitely at the helm of the work site.
“Joe” as he is affectionately known by his many colleagues turned friends, is the ultimate icon of how hard work, dedication and believing in the end product before anyone else can even visualize it, can equal the realization of the quintessential American Dream.

Joe’s knack for entrepreneurship and people pleasing skills landed him with the unique opportunity as the owner of a successful upholstery cleaning business at the early age of 22. As he learned much about how to navigate the human tide of consumerism, the nuances of successful advertising, and delicate management of his employees, his calling was always in the construction and development arena, where he has held a steadily skyrocketing position since 2001.

The famous Gretsch building, Brooklyns’ premiere full-service doorman condominium building was built under his direct management from 2003-2006. This was just the first of many similarly high end multi-family building successes. In his career, he has overseen the construction of over two million square feet of highly profitable tri-state area real estate.

Joes penchant for the lucrative finished product- the high rise, High end condominium building that is the hallmark of the burgeoning real estate industry displays his multifaceted and inborn talent. Knowing which location, what materials, style and layout belong in each of his signature buildings, however, is a delicately honed vision born of on the job experience, and education in the field as an engineering and architecture student

From these impressive cornerstone ideals, Joe saw his goal become a reality in Vision development, which he opened in 2006. Also known as SNBD Enterprises, all employees from the back office to the work site, to his exemplary management team, adhere to the same principle on which Vision is built. His directness, delivered with warmth and honesty has not only awarded him numerous contracts from the same property owners, but has turned those clients into longtime friends. It is obvious to anyone who has ever experienced Joes unique and exemplary work ethic that “success may be what you make of it, but excellence lives in the details.”

Ben RibiatCOO

In the cutthroat world that is the modern day real estate development field, it is rare to find ambition and caring equally displayed in the same individuals. Ben Ribiat is one such unique professional. Ben began his career as a young man in his twenties, working as a mortgage broker in a growing New York firm. He quickly, through sheer determination and on the job training became the manager of a team of many mortgage and loan officers.

The exhilaration of saving his clients millions of dollars coupled with the thrill of the sale, lent him the unique distinction of being a profit turning trailblazer with a heart. His inherent instinct for knowing the delicate balance of lucrative profit-risk management eventually led him to the development sector of real estate. He worked for a residential property management firm in Newburgh, New York, Empire management Services, where he enhanced his talent and knowledge base for all the many factors of real estate development that must work together to enable the ultimate success stories.

Preceded by a reputation for honest talk, fair business practices and brilliant success led Ben to Vision development in 2007. As the high-end development and construction firm steadily grew, he took the role of managing partner almost immediately after coming on board. Bens’ forte for the financial end of the multifaceted development market goes way beyond numbers. It is finely honed skill set that comes from years of watching, learning and truly caring about envisioning the whole project and not merely balancing the profit. Ben Ribiat is at the heart of how  Vision exceeds even its own expectations.


Nashy Weitzman Senior Project Manager