Pre-construction Planning

Your plans have been approved and it’s time to get to the building part of the building. We believe this to be the most crucial part of the entire process, simply by putting the reality into planning and plans into reality. Mapping out every scenario, dotting every I and crossing every t to make sure there won’t be any “stop work orders “along the way. At Vision, it is understood in our contractual bylines that the planning stage is never over till the project is inhabited. This is where we stand out, with our proven outline approach winning us accolades and return clients time and time again. Everyone on our staff knows that timelines and deadlines must be met; that they are our framework. Our professional and innovative employees from project managers and superintendents to skilled craftsmen have been trained in Visions proven method of quality work within the budget and time frame, that allows for the creativity and perfection that’s apparent in every project we take on.

Budgeting is an obvious and pivotal point of any new endeavor, and the “aha moments” of realization can’t be had without the typical drudgery involved with budget plan writing. Let Vision surprise you with the atypical creativity involved at this crucial stage of the venture. We can show you how the average spreadsheet that includes all the regular elements of resource quantities, supplies, costs and expenses can be reconfigured without being confining. We leave room in the budget for every possible contingency, leaving room for imagination to thrive. Using only top-quality materials and employing the latest in construction technology, we continue to prove that beginning with the best is not only beautiful but cost effective. Our like-minded ideals and philosophy are shared by by every aspect of our team, keeping the motivation clear and your goal within sight. Our clients new project is now well-prepared to “get off the ground.”